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Howard Thurman wrote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Our mission is to practice resurrection individually, corporately, and universally. From our hearts to the world – we are a community who is about seeing that which has died enter into new life.

To grow as a vibrant church who embodies the local culture and ethos of Atlanta’s east side through our embrace of a creative, inclusive, justice focused expression of the historic, Christian faith emerging from our United Methodist roots. 

To practice resurrection through our embodiment of the movement Jesus catalyzed 2000 years ago. We accomplish this through our core resurrection practices of worship, growth, justice and service.

Eastside is a progressive, intentional expression of historic, orthodox Christianity on Atlanta’s east side. We strive to be the Church to our community through embodying a visible, tangible, practice orientated Christianity. As a local manifestation of the Christian faith on metro Atlanta’s east side we work to embody the love of God through our intentional practice of this startling and unsettling surprise we call resurrection. It is our desire to exist as a conduit in the world whereby God’s transforming, restoring, and renewing power can infiltrate and flow into all of creation. We believe the renovation of the world begins with resurrection in the human heart. Therefore, at Eastside Church we hope to inspire, equip and enable folks to experience and practice this resurrection in their daily lives through powerful, transformative encounters with the living God.