Eastside Church seeks to be an authentic and faithful expression of historic, orthodox Christianity indigenous to the culture and ethos of Atlanta’s east side. In our attempt to be in sync with the creative heart of God, we strive to take aesthetics, art, music, progressive culture and creativity seriously. Therefore, in all we do as we worship, grow, and serve together, we seek to incorporate these values into how we practice resurrection. We author much of our own sacred music, bring the arts into worship, and find creative new ways to help folks grow in their faith while embracing a progressive orthodoxy. Our desire is to be a community whose ethos is defined by our embrace of beauty, creativity, creation and sacredness in our expression of Christianity.

In-Service Artwork

Art is a big part of our worship service. In a given worship service there is an artist/artists who creates a corresponding art piece. Most often this is a painting or drawing but we have had all manner of art created for Eastside. These pieces of art take another creative perspective on the themes, ideas, images, or commentaries informed by the sermon preached that Sunday. Just as the Holy Spirit engages us through all the liturgical elements, this live art work allows yet another way for congregants to engage, enabling them to reflect on the words being both said and sung.

Most pieces are for sale. Contact Roxy with any questions.


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Our Sacred Music

At Eastside Church we celebrate music and the arts in worship. We believe that at the heart of God is creativity. God has created and invites us to be co-creators in the resurrection narrative. We believe that the music we sing should not only be emotive, and expressive, but also reflect the theological richness of the Christian tradition. We draw on various sources for our worship music. Some songs will be familiar by artists like David Crowder, Hillsong, All Sons and Daughters, or Chris Tomlin, others a bit more obscure from local churches or the emergent worship movement, and still others may be completely original to Eastside.

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