One of the most important ways we grow together is through Core Groups. Core Groups are smaller circles of folks from Eastside Church who gather to practice the resurrected life in community across Atlanta’s east side. The goal is for folks to develop relationships and grow in faith together. The month of January is open enrollment for Core Groups. We gather in homes and at the church. Many groups share a meal while all groups study, pray, and provide care and support for one another. This guide features our growth groups for the coming semester which lasts from January – May. CLICK HERE for our online signup form.

Group # S2
Group Leader: Lishanda Leary
When: Sunday 9am
Where: The Study at Eastside
Childcare: Yes
Note: This group is like a Sunday school class and welcomes folks to come even if they have not signed up in advance.  You can sign up for this group and another group if you’d like.

Group # M2
Group Leaders: Michelle Morris, Ben Reyes, Caroline Johnson
When: Monday 7:30pm
Where: Reynoldstown/Old Fourth Ward area
Childcare: No

Group # M4
Group Leaders: Meagan Davis, Elizabeth Spears
When: Monday 7:15pm
Where: Grant Park/Glenwood Park area
Childcare: No

Group # M5
Group Leaders: Carly & Richard Marrero, Paige Maniteri & Carter Richardson
When: Monday 7:30pm
Where: different members’ homes around town
Childcare: No

Group # W1
Group Leaders: Dave & Sara Logeman, Josh & Debbie Westover
When: Wednesday 6:00pm
Where: West Side area
Childcare: Yes, rotated among parents

Group # TH1
Group Leaders: Jamie & Janet Burnett
When: Thursday 6:30pm
Where: Oakhurst/Eastlake area
Childcare: Yes, cost shared among participants

*The groups are generally set, but some are subject to change. Please be patient as we work through scheduling & leaders’ availability. If childcare cost is a hinderance to joining a group, please email Pastor Tim.

CLICK HERE for our online signup form.