Our Justice Ministry at Eastside seeks to provide opportunities for our community to practice resurrection by developing relationships, serving with those on the margins, and becoming aware of injustice in our neighborhood, city, and world. Sometimes this is expressed through physically serving and other times it is through education and awareness.

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Our Neighborhood

As a church on the east side of Atlanta, Eastside Church hopes to partner with our neighborhood around the East Side of Atlanta finding practical ways we can serve the needs of those in our backyard. There are two ways we serve our neighbors.


This is a sustained effort of the church to consume responsibly. New and gently used men’s clothes and toiletries are donated by the community so that other members can put them to good use. This communal sharing allows us to serve each other well. It also allows us to keep things out of landfills. Socks are always needed, as well as hats and gloves in winter months. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are also popular items if you are wanting to make a donation. We serve between 30-50 shoppers in the community closet.


The Eastside family comes together for a shared meal on the 4th Sunday of every month. We serve between 60 and 100 meals a week to both those that worship with us, as well as to those who need a warm meal. All are welcome to dine with us. There is something really special about breaking bread together.

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At Eastside Church we recognize that practicing justice begins with understanding the ways we have participated in unjust systems and practices.


At Eastside Church we affirm that Black Lives Matter. As a majority white congregation in a truly diverse neighborhood we seek to better understand the ways the world has privileged us while denying the humanity of our brothers and sisters of color. We continue to have conversations surrounding personal prejudice, systemic injustice, and the pervasiveness in white supremacy in thought and deed in this country.


As Eastside Church moves toward becoming officially aligned as a reconciling congregation, we are exploring ways the Bible has been used to deny the full humanity of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We are seeking new and affirming ways of constructing our theology in order to best love all people God has created.

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Our World

At Eastside Church we continue to discern how we believe God wants us to be involved in serving internationally. These are a few of ways we’re serving now.


The La Gonave Haiti Partnership is a “ministry of presence” and a community development partnership between the people of La Gonave, the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and the United States Partners, of which we are one. We have made two trips to La Gonave  thus far and started a relationship with the the small community of Ticolette.

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