Our worship gatherings are Sunday mornings at 10am!


We’re located at 468 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 at the corner of Moreland and Metropolitan Ave.  We have parking across the street off Metropolitan Ave and there will be Eastside volunteers ready to assist and direct you where to park. The green lots are open for Eastside attenders. You may park in our lot between Long John Silver’s and Holy Temple Deliverance Church, Bank of America, on the street on Metropolitan, or anywhere in East Atlanta Village that is available. You can enter the building through the front doors off Moreland. The doors at the rear of the building through the playground will take you to our coffee bar and Eastside Kid’s Collective wing. The following map will show you where our parking is located.


Wear what is comfortable for you. Some people will wear a suit jacket, others will wear sundresses, and others will wear tattoos, jeans and sandals.



Come a 10 minutes early, grab some coffee, and meet some Eastsiders while acclimating yourself to our worship space!


Eastside Kids Ministry welcomes children of all ages! Upon arrival, you will be invited to register your children with us and then drop them off with our caregivers and teachers. If you have infants or toddlers, we offer professional childcare during our worship service. If you have older children (ages 3-10), join us for Sunday school. Later in the service you’ll be given the opportunity to bring your older children back in to worship to participate in Holy Communion. Read more about our Children’s Ministry here.


We invite our youth to be active participants in our regular worship gatherings. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month youth gather for a lesson time in the Kids Collective wing.  Youth are escorted back to join their parents during Passing of the Peace.


At about 9:55am folks begin to migrate into our worship space where our service starts at 10:00am. Our worship services usually consist of music, prayers, scripture readings, a message/teaching, Holy Communion every week and sometimes a baptism. While we take worship very seriously at Eastside Church the mood is comfortable, not stuffy. Our pastors try to use language that maintains faithfulness to the historic Christian faith, but is also understandable and applicable to those who aren’t familiar with Christianity. Read more about how we understand worship here