Eastside Administrative Council

What does an Administrative Council do?

They oversee the operations of the church so that the church’s vision and ministry may be fully realized. The “Ad” Council consists of the Staff-Parish Relations Team, the Finance Team, the Nominations and Leadership Development Team, the chair of the Board of Trustees, the Lay Member to Annual Conference, the Lay Leader and all Appointed Clergy.  All Administrative Council meetings are open to all.

2022 Full Administrative Council

Troy Kiber- Council Chair

Emily Giordano - Staff Parish Relations Chair

Sean Coleman - Lay Leader

Katie Farmer - Lay Delegate

Kirsten Aleman- Staff Parish Relations Team

Meagan Davis- Staff Parish Relations Team

Robert Vore- Staff Parish Relations Team

Alex Weatherby- Finance Chair

Janice Hewitt- Treasurer

Erica Gravin-Schwartz- Finance Team

Breanna Lathrop- Finance Team

Melissa Bloem- Finance Team Representative

2022 Board of Trustees


Lauren Herder- Board of Trustees Chair

Melissa Bloem- Finance Team Representative

Aaron Parks- Trustees

Omi Conklin- Trustees

Dianna Lancaster- Trustees

Eric Morris- Trustees

Will Burke- Trustees

Leslie Willeford- Trustees

Pierre Bullard- Trustees