27 Million

Image Credit CS Monitor

27 Million – that’s the number of slaves currently in our world today. As Tim illuminated in his sermon yesterday, modern day slavery continues to be a huge issue for us today. In order to continue engagement with this issue, we’ve compiled some links to information and ways individuals can start changing spending habits that contribute to and rely upon slavery.




Check out these links and please post more as you learn about this horrendous practice.

Slavery Footprint – find out many slaves work for you
Are We Aware of Where our Halloween Candy Comes from?
How do you contribute to modern day slavery of human trafficking?
Not for Sale Campaign
Free2Work – an iPhone app that tells you if a product has been produced via slavery
Equal Exchange Co-Op
CNN Freedom Project (here in Atlanta) –
Half the Sky – Specifically about women’s issues
Trade of Innocents – Major Motion Picture Coming Out Soon
Street Grace – deals directly with human trafficking in Atlanta
President Obama Condemning Modern Day Slavery