Handmade Gift Fair


The purpose of the Handmade Gift Fair is to highlight unique one of a kind crafts made by local artists. Patrons who shop at the Gift Fair are given an alternative to buying foreign or manufactured products thus supporting local American artists, instead of foreign imports.

Among our 20 local crafters are a number of eco-friendly artists, adding an environmental aspect to the event. The event also includes a few foreign born artists, bringing their native homeland crafts, which lends a multi-cultural atmosphere to the Gift Fair.

Following the earth-friendly theme, decorations are created from large reused corrugated boxes covered in found fabrics and ribbons. These are then transformed by the artists into large gifts that will tower in stacks throughout the venue.

Artists participating so far are:
Rosemary Kimble
Gulnara Gadberry
Cheryl Scribner
Tovah Melhaver
Andrea Zoppo
Lynn Hesse
Sylvia Seiler
Peggy Douglas
Molly Krava
Maria Moore Riggs
Ben and Linda Brackner
Bridgette Mont
Natalie Jackson
Bekah Loudermilk
Lylia Lucia
Mandy Elwood
Kellie Garrett
John Joseph
Jacqueline Drennan
Mirjana Kirnjetin
Yoko Grunberg

Musical Entertainment for the event will include:
1pm Aviva
4 pm Russian Romance

as well as Henna Temporary Tattoos by Rosemary Kimble and
Face Painting by Andrea Zoppo

For more info call 404-316-9141