Non-Perishable Food Drive 2013

All over Atlanta and Decatur families struggle every day to simply put food on the table. Children and adults go hungry and are undernourished throughout our city. As Christians we believe that feeding the hungry and standing with the poor is central to our identity.

Because of this, we’re taking a small step toward practicing resurrection in our neighborhood by having a non-perishable food drive this fall. An ancient practice of the church was to bring food for the poor to the altar during worship. So we’re inviting our community over the next few weeks to bring in food and leave it around the communion table. We’ll then bless these gifts and take them down to Decatur Cooperative Ministries where they will be distributed through their food bank.

Food Suggestions

Remember that many clients will not have access to a stove and keep in mind – if you won’t eat it or your children won’t eat it, they probably don’t want to either. – Downloadable PDF of suggestions