“Feeding of the 5000”

Rev. Timothy Lloyd

John 6:1-15

October 4th 2015

Artwork by Abby Norman

IMG_0831Here’s what Abby had to say about this rug:

“This month I had the pleasure of crocheting a rag rug as the artist at Eastside.  But what does me sitting on the floor slowly spinning in a circle have to do with miracles?  Transformation.  I believe that the miraculous work that God is asking the church to partner in has everything to do with transformation.  The first step in working on this rug was asking the church for pieces of fabric, for trash, for things you did not need or did not believe were useful, fabric you had abandoned after a project was finished or never got done.  I took that fabric, ripped it into strips, joined it together, and slowly and methodically worked it into something else.  The original fabric is still present and even identifiable.  You can tell which bits come from t-shirts and which come from old flannel pajamas.  But they are also something new.  They are also one totally different thing.

There are parts of me I thought were long gone, long abandoned, not useful.  As I hand over those pieces of myself in this community, I am slowly being worked into someone new, someone the same, you can still see the old parts, but someone new all together.  Hallelujah.  God does make beautiful things out of the dust.


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