Worship Ministry

Picture of Banjo, Contemporary Worship, Decatur GA

Much of what we do at Eastside Church is centered around our weekly communal worshiping life. There are many ways you can get involved with our Sunday worship.


Contact Troi if you want to serve worship!


Regardless of your background, whether it be in traditional or contemporary church music, rock, folk, blues, indie, or anything in-between, we’d love to have you be part of our music ministry.


Do you have a great ear for levels? Can you tell when the acoustic guitar needs turned down and the mandolin needs turned up? Do you know how to get rid of that annoying squeal from the pastor's mic? Do you know the difference between XLR and a 1/4 cables? If you said yes to most of these questions then you might be a good candidate to work with our sound board.


Do you notice when words are misspelled on the slides? Are you annoyed when slides don't advance with the song? Do you pay attention to details? If you said yes to most of these questions then you might just be a great candidate to work our audio/video booth during worship.


Are you a details person? Do you tend to think ahead? Do you love the ministry of "support"? Then you may be a great candidate for Eucharist preparation. Your ministry will entail oversight in our community of who is baking (or buying) fresh bread for Holy Communion on a given Sunday, who is gathering our  juice, and who is arriving early on Sunday to prepare the elements for worship.


Do you love the sacred? Do you love the mystery of worship? Do you love to encounter God in profoundly moving and ineffable ways? Then you might just be the perfect person to be a eucharist minister during our Sunday worship. After the elements have been blessed, you will offer them to those who come forward to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.