You Are Loved

You Are Loved is a sermon we hope every member of our church will begin to preach through their lives. It is about our church collectively and individually working to become actual, en-fleshed good news to humanity. It is about saying “You Are Loved” and then illustrating it by how we live – by the kind of neighbors, parents, children and coworkers we are.

      John the Baptist                                                

John the Baptist by Camille Cohen                       The Good Samaritan by Bridget Kelman                                      Love Your Neighbor
        Luke 3:15-22  Sermon link                                        Luke 10:25-37 Sermon link                                            Mark 12:28-31 Sermon link


Vashti  by Jenny Miller                                            Esther by Tim Elertson                         The Ethiopian Eunuch by Bridget Kelman
Esther 1 & 2  Sermon link                                 Matthew 25:31-46  Sermon link                            Acts 8:26-40 Sermon link

by Eastside Makers
Acts 15:1-35  Sermon link

Why Eastside Makers chose studying the art form of graffiti & Bible character portraits:

 – Jesus is accessible to all people, just as the art form of graffiti (or street art) is accessible to everyone. This is true for the artist and the viewer: In most cases, the artist didn’t go to the most prestigious art school and the art form is meant to be viewed freely by others – not kept in a closed museum/galleries/auctions or where individuals have to pay to see.

 – Graffiti is often times looked at as only the illegal defacing of private property, however many communities (Atlanta being a great example) are becoming more accepting of street art, supporting local artists and their self-expression, and the often times positive messages that it can send to a community and change it can have on an individual level or political one. 

 – Each Sunday our artists will be capturing the stories of various marginalized or outcast Bible characters through portraits. Jesus took time to minister, touch and befriend the people whom society had pushed to the side and were forced to exist on the fringes. He reset the boundaries, restoring dignity and value to those on the margins. 

Note: Eastside Church does not support, sponsor or condone the defacing of private property.