Picture of digging a garden

Jesus is our ultimate example of service. Not only did he heal the sick, feed the hungry, teach the masses, and wash his disciples feet – he gave up his very life for the redemption of creation.

At Eastside Church we believe that faithful attention to worship and growth empower and fuel disciples of Jesus Christ to be servants to the world and the Church. We believe that our practice of resurrection invites the love of God to profoundly change our hearts thus reorienting us from the love of self, to the love of neighbor. This work God does in our hearts through our practices of resurrection fuels us with the grace to go forth into the darkest places in our world as God’s agents of transformation and redemption.

We believe at Eastside Church that by serving we are led to more intimate worship of God and Christian growth which further empowers and fuels us to be catalysts for transformation, redemption, and hope on the east side of Atlanta and in the world.

There are a host of ways to serve and be involved in the the life of the church both inside and out. Serving at Eastside happens by getting plugged in to one of service teams and through our Ministry Partners.